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  • We are certified to administrate and certify Targeted Selection Interviewers. We also administer Myers-Briggs Type Indicators and Wonderlic Personnel Tests. All support to evaluate candidates€™ strengths, potential, achievements and adaptability in the organization.

    *Manufacturing *Information Systems *Health Care *Sales and Marketing *Finance and Accounting *Human Resources *Targeted Selection Interviews *Outplacement *Pharmaceuticals *HI-Tech *Managerial Development *Service Industries*.
RYAN is a full service firm for all disciplines serving the Caribbean, Latin America, U.S. and European Hispanic markets. We are the most dependable recruiting firm with the best consultants in the industry. Our Senior Recruiters are Certified Personnel Consultants, a national certification that attests to our expertise in general business laws, ethics and proper business practices. We are the most reliable consultants able to identify professionals who deliver results, saving you valuable screening time. Our candidates ideally qualify for global assignments because of their experience and background. Degreed from Ivy League, recognized US and foreign universities, many hold MBA and PHDâs; proficiency in English, Spanish or more languages, distinct advantages and assets for overseas jobs. We conduct reference checks, arrange drug, psychological tests and credit reports per clientsâ request and provide a guarantee period. The most complete service for accurate hiring! WE DO IT BETTER, WE PLACE WINNERS, WE GUARANTEE RESULTS!

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