Makko Construction


  • Cupey Professional Mall, San Juan, Puerto Rico 00926


Productos o Servicios

  • Makko Construction services include:

    • Detailed project planning to assure compliance and cost objectives performance.
    • Site electrical and communications infrastructure
    • Offsite coordination with utilities
    • Interior electrical and communications
    • Fire protection and fire alarm
    • Air conditioning and ventilation
    • Mechanical installations at industrial and institutional levels
    • Internal plumbing and drainage piping
    • Buildings and industrial controls, managements systems and instrumentation.
    • Project development assistant as per users and owner's requirements.

MAKKO Construction, LLC is a Limited Liability Company organized in January, 2010 by Mr. Jorge L. Gárate Fernández. The active involvement of the founder in the construction industry in Puerto Rico, added to a qualified staff assures the company excellent performance and detailed service. The company in mainly oriented toward the mechanical and electrical construction including owners and developers assistance in marketing, planning, value engineering and construction permitting as a basic strategy. Makki is active in procuring alliances with key individuals and enterprises in some segments of the market that will enable continued business and growth. Also has strong support from suppliers and sub-contractors willing to offer the best deals in the market, added to convenient financial considerations. Makki has exceeded his expectations with a significant growth is volume of work performed and completed, as well as market penetration, relying in active support to clients and owners which guaranties continuation and increase.

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